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dinsdag 15 juni 2010

A little married and more...
Saturn and Pluto in Libra

This post is about the (different stades of) transformation in marriage, Saturn and Pluto in Libra and a book that shows the different reflection of the 1982 transits in different parts of the world.

See the link to CNN. It is about Hannah Seligson’s book ‘ A little bit married’ and an interview with her about couples staying together for years without ever getting married. Well, so what?

In some parts of Europe people use NOT to get married these days, even if there are children. They don’t get married because they feel they don’t need an official license (and they don’t, as there are other ways to make financial commitments). Maybe it is also because of the fact that the church has less and less influence. In Denmark 60% of the children are born out of wetlock. Parenthood and marriage has split. Fathers and mothers call each other their ‘ friends’. Two generations ago they called each other ‘ mother’ and ‘father’, sometimes even when the children weren’t around! The roles of the individuals in a relationship changed. They are no longer parents, they are partners.

The author was born in 1982, when Saturn (symbol of a little bit) was in the sign of marriage (Libra), just like Pluto (symbol of problems and investigations). You could also read these placements like this:

- must (Pluto) get married (Libra)? Or transformations in relationships?
- obligation (Saturn) to stay together (Libra)? Or the disadvantages of marriage being an issue?
- The ‘die hard’ relationship or ‘abstination’ of marriage?

The author of ‘ A little bit married’ was born in a Saturn and Pluto in Libra generation. Still, in the USA people marry quickly and rather young. A look at the interview reminded me of the fact that in the USA – or at least where Hannah lives- conventional marriage is more common than living together like one (without official papers and without romantic white gowns). Wouldn’t that make a difference for reading charts?

The issues of Saturn and Pluto in Libra are personal issues if the planets have a prominent position (angular, rising before the sun or without major aspects) or if they are placed in the 7th house of marriage. All other individuals born with Saturn and Pluto in Libra experience the effect indirectly (through others, from the media), perhaps.

Of course, there is a big difference in transformations in marriage between the Western world and small villages in conservative and strictly religious worlds. Maybe it is significant that Pluto (the symbol of transformation) is not being regarded as a ‘ ruler’ in Indian and classical astrology? But let me stick to the Western world.

The revolutionary change of Pluto in Libra seems to have had more effect in Europe than it had in the USA. But divorce figures have risen in Europe and in the USA, except in those countries where less people got married☺. See, you always have to consider the status quo, the moral and local traditions and habits when you read individual charts or interprete the effect of Saturn and Pluto in Libra. It is different, depending on the culture.

Meanwhile, the next generation is more willing to get married. And they have parties and are dressed in white when they do. Some young men even ask the father for the hand of the daughter, like in the old days! Times are changing again, maybe because some things never change. BTW I will be celebrating the wedding of friends next month. They lived together for more than 10 years and have a 7 year old child. Now they decided that it was time for a party and time to get more than just a little bit married☺

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  1. wow, this hits me to the core. i was born with pluto, mars and saturn in libra. i am a cancerian. and this marriage thing is getting on my nerves. this is a huge thing for me. thanks for sharing. looking forward for more posts.

  2. Hi Ann, guess that you must love ' Four weddings and a funeral' (and the end of it, where she promisses him to remain happily unmarried ever after...:)

  3. wow!!! really impressive things by the author..
    Love & romance astrology can tell you the exact things about the interaction between you & your partner...you also know how compatible you & your Partner are.


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