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zondag 24 januari 2010

Could Brad and Angelina separate?

There are rumors about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt splitting up very soon. I would not be surprised, because here on Astrology-love-romance I wrote about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie:

Aniston and Jolie share Sun-Neptune and see: Sun opposition Neptune of Jolie is on the horizon of Brad Pitt's chart. There is a link, as to be expected.
Jolie and Pitt do not match much. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are in conflicting signs. And the tightest conflict is that of Mars square Mars. I have seen that before: McCartney-Mills, Mars inconjunct Mars. And Van Basten-Van Nistelrooij: Mars square Mars. Fire! And it is only to be wished that they keep it in control.

What Jolie and Pitt share is Venus-Uranus. She has the square, he has the sesquisquare. They will love excitement and changes. Probably that is why they are moving around the world so much. As long as they keep moving and keep the fire in control, this relationship will continue. But will it last forever? With so many children, let us hope so...

It is more difficult to stay together when there are little matches and when you are a famous, rich and good looking couple of unmarried moviestars. Indications for stability and everlasting love would be helpful here...but they are not there.

Below are the charts, transits and progressions of Brad and Angelina today.

Notice that soon (on March) Uranus will be on the IC and square his Sun. His progressed Sun/Moon is in the 12th degree of Sagittarius. That is conjunct the Ascendant and square his Uranus. It means that the relationship (Ascendant-Descendant) is in the spotlights and that life has been nervous recently. There is likely going to be a major change (Uranus opposition MC). Uranus is also the symbol of freedom and independence.


Within one year from now Angelina's progressed Sun will be conjunct Saturn (followed by a square by Jupiter). Her progressed Moon recently was conjunct Saturn. Progressed Sun/Moon is now conjunct Saturn and square Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter together often reflect a domestic move with pro's and contra's. Transit Neptune is making a hard aspect with AC/MC and that is the symbol of disappointment.

So yes, there can be problems between them, because there is a basic possibility that the relationship might end and yes, it could be now. However, it could also just be just another way to seek publicity or for the tabloids to sell more:). In that case there is a chance that there will be another post about the couple separating, maybe soon. Because one thing is for sure: they are beautiful people and they fill a lot of blogs.

Read more about Venus and Uranus and about sharing aspects on Astromarkt...or click the labels below this post. More about the couple on

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  1. And yep! Brad and Angelina have been seen gigling, together.

  2. They are now suing the newspaper (News of the World) for spreading the 'news' and for not appologizing later. This is a good lesson in astrology:)! Things may look different than they are (for real and in the stars when stars are concerned). Uranus put them in the spotlight, but Saturn was for a contract, not for divorce but for another legal action.